Awesome5/Lightning5/Bogdan in the flesh. complements of Mr.Sakata


Usually Depicted as a "fegit, gaylord, absolute raging homo-fuck-face", He's suppossed to be the song of Bloatarder and Darkchicom, he apperently had a son with Bloatarder called Bloat5, and at the same time, Bloat5 and Tauzoo had a son too. Honestly, It's hard to keep track of the fegit family!

Although said to have sex with other users, he's actually a big virgin faggot who cant stop thinking about Hakma's dick.

Has the gayest obssession to an anime guy

Has appeared in several gay pornos


"The holocaust never happened but i wish it did"

"We should put all the black people in a boat and sink it"

"In this moment, I am euphoric"

"Can I suck that dick? I can? well then dont mind if i do"

"Dam son thats a funky smellin dick imma go down there and rub my ass on it"

It has been revealed that he is from Montenegro and that his first name is Bogdan.

He currently run a discussion post called "The End" under the current account he has called "Guts5". On this post he is very discriminatory of who is "allowed" to post on "his" post. If he sees a user he doesn't like or a post he does not approve of he buries it .

He is well known for sucking lots of goat dicks and drinking their semen

Note Bogdan/Lightning5/Guts5 isn't an admin of the site(fortunately). Any user who has a post can bury other users on a whim. It was meant for OPs to block spammers, but Bogdan abuses this power and effectivly blocks people he hates, like the obese and fat thumbed autistic virgin and college failure Bogdan is.

Another thing to note is that messing with Bogdan is ill advised as he has a considerable amount of alts at which to down vote people who offend him, it is recommended to report him to the admins (specially clairvoyant and kristiansen), so that he can be deleted for good

He does have a facebook account of the same name and claims he will get a girl friend soon which is a lie.