An asian 15 year old looking for a start in the animation industry, The name, brand, and even the personality of Da5mn has had a strange origin.

Memecenter Stride[1]

Memecenter Stride is the most popular series of Da5mn. A project that started on December and ended on April 4, 2016. The animation received generally good reviews, and regarded as the 3rd best animation in Memecenter,

the first being Cherry Alice's; Me-em Baka[2],

and the second being Bepe's; This is Memecenter[3]

The Origin Story

Starting from the stick animation site called stickpage, Da5mn had once was an enemy and was a regular visitor on 9gag.

In one of his pass times, he discovered Memecenter. With innocence still in tact, he joined, and lost it quickly in 10 minutes. After making friends with derpcouch and realizing his posts and drawings were cancerous by comparison, he decided to go back to stickpage under the name "ase".

After returning from almost a one year hiatus, he saw the state of the site being overrun by artists (in his opinion). Lurking in the comments and changing his identity to a wrestling fan, he gained more friends, most notably kickassia.

Another 6 month hiatus started after he left for stick page and learned some fundamentals on animation, changing himself into the next MC Animator. And joined a group of users (by association) First being Anth, next being 2xd, and next was Kortodov.

He made his first animation, which is an animation of anth

Anth Drawing a Line[4]

After sharing his animations to anth, which was sent to the group chat, he gained more and more followers and started posting a new series, Memecenter Animations. Which was small scenes of a much larger animation. Amounting to nearly 2000+ likes overall, However the complete animation was only 400+, much less than the others. By the start of the animation he had 75 followers, and by the end he has reached 300, the peak of his popularity.

He changed logos a few times, and then left for family reasons. He then made his brand as the

"Useless Animator", and made series showing his useless works. His whereabouts are unknown, and always changing.

Ironically, his first post that has the most likes, was a repost. Despite being known as an original content creator much later.

Memecenter Stride in Early Development (fastSWF takes long to load)


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