Ducemon's glorious profile picture made in Photoshop! It was his only successful use of Photoshop.


-Peggyfly talking to Ducemon

"Oi! Ugly Fuck! Get here"

-Deathunter while playing Terraria

About Ducemon Edit

Early Life Edit

Ducemon found MemeCenter in the spring of 2013,remaining silent and simply lurking through posts.Two weeks in,he made his first post,which was a crappy remix (lol) . After that,he started to comment,getting some sort of fame out of spider-man threads (not really,lol) that sadly faded away when he went on a two months hiatus,lurking on MC,with no posts or comments. He came back and no one really cared (lol,no one knew who he was anyway). Being a stranger to the whole "community" thingy ,the creation of the feed and status updates wasn't such an important thing,since his followers were dead anyway.He then went on another two months hiatus (and lol no one cared about that,and no one cared when he returned).

GearBoy Crisis Edit

Douchemon had nothing to do with this,tho he was in the Anti GearBoy Alliance (for different reasons than the other fegs doe)

Joining the actual community Edit

Everything changed when he came back after the second hiatus. More faces,new faces,willsolvit gone and a feed that was actually used. He was introduced to the community through his lord and savior (which almost everyone else hates) noobkilla192 (AKA noobkilla193). It was mostly because of his curiosity of "who the fuck is he talking to" and tons of comments(not really) that he got into the community.

Noobkilla's departure Edit

He cried and grieved everyday. He still does.Deathunter too (lol what a bunch of fegs) .

Present Day-Outdated Edit

Now Ducemon spends his time with the community,spamming the feed,shitposting,posting actual content once in a while and having fun,mostly thanks to noobkilla. He is now an important figure(HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH) on Memecenter.No not really,I just wanted to add this lol.

Present Day-Updated Edit

Now Ducemon is a faggot that dwells on the acid post and facebook. Rumours say he's trying to make a meme page on facebook to surpass Metal Gear.

Posts Edit

He used to post a lot,when he didn't have an idea of what memes were,or that they required some sort of knowledge of pop culture. Now he spends his time mostly feed spamming and rarely posting (tho when he posts the post has some quality, not really,he just shitposts).

Friends-everyone is his friend,here are some examples tho Edit

Feed spammers,Usually loves them: Edit

Memer5Fan-A lot of love,a lot of hate. Friendship bruh Edit

The_Big_Bad_Bear-Fellow feed spammer,one of his bros Edit

xXRandomXx-Draws more than he spams,but when he spams....Boy,you better keep your pants on Edit

RGuy35-Ducemon's spamming inspiration Edit

Bloatarder-The polandball that spams too! A person Ducemon considers a good friend Edit

Senpaitouchme- I don't need to comment Edit

Other Spammers that I can't even count like Danranz,nastydream,dekkurunner and oh god so many!-All friends! Edit

Artists,usually loves them,most of them don't talk to him so here we'll put up the ones that do or at least that he remembers they talked to him Edit

Dekkurunner-Friends ofc! Edit

Kayaiay-Friends5ever Edit

xXRandomXx- I put him in here twice,I don't need any description for this guy Edit

Coprelia-Friendship ofc! Tho timezones get in the way Edit

==== GearBoy-He messaged me once! PRAISE THE SUN! UPDATE!HE MESSAGED ME TWICE! :3 ====

Commenters,2many2count so we'll just put the extremely important ones Edit

Nicksfluffyshit-1 of the 3 rolemodels of Ducemon Edit

Willsolveit-1 of the 3 rolemodels of Ducemon Edit

SirrCozzet-1 of the 3 rolemodels of Ducemon Edit

Kondo- - A feg that gets his ass banned and his number of alt is bigger than my number of lost socks Edit

Hawke AKA Donttalktome - Kinda funny toxic dude Edit

Distorsion - Inside joke with the number 45 (not sure why) .Also a med student. Part-time detective Edit

Hakma-Cancer in it's pure form,lol

Bellybuttocks-Bestie Edit

Oysteinn-Chum,pal,more synonyms for friend Edit

Danranz-More of a feed spammer Edit

Gif makers Edit

Bepe- God of gifs Edit

Finger_V - Internet wizard Edit

Saz- Demi-god of gifs Edit

Others,you're too many guys!!!! JUST TOO MANY FOR ME TO INCLUDE YOU IN HERE! But keep this in mind,if I follow you,I consider you a friend. If you follow me,I will care about you. If I follow you back it means you're my friend no matter what. Edit

Links Edit -MC account -Facebook account

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