Electivequill is a user that started posting simple misused memes but now he mostly posts reaction gifs.He seems to really love pizza,due to some of his posts and comments mentioning it.Even though he never posts Anime stuff,electivequill actually really FUCKING HATES anime.

electivequill is also a big dicc to most of the community.

Trivia Edit

  • Similar to otrebot,electivequill barely comments on the featured page because its shiteeeeee
  • Another similarity to otrebot is that he also barely posts any status updates
  • Electivequills profile picture back then was nothing more than a simple troll face,it later changed into a corvo profile picture,and then it was changed to a fan made picture of Raiden from Metal gear rising in the style of hiimdaisy,and finally it was changed to a simple peachifruit metal gear solid 2 artwork
  • He seems to also really love the show "Supernatural" since most of his reaction gifs are clips of the show
  • Electivequills most recent avatar has actually came from a post that otrebot once made,same goes for the hiimdaisy metal gear rising avatar
  • Electivequill once made a few posts and then he later became inactive for months
  • He seems to act childish when it comes to pizza
  • People like me speculate that electivequill is and otrebots alternate account
    S 1109375 54dfaaca5ba7b

    Electivequills profile picture


    electivequills really old profile picture

    1109375 54bd3551c20e9 (2)

    another old profile picture electivequill used


    one of the most overused superatural gifs electivequill used in the comments

    1109375 54dfbb6f5e4de

    electivequill seems to have a very bizzare cover photo

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