Dank levi

"My love is vengeance that's never free

A pain that cannot be relieved

unless someone shows it back to me

it is my curse to bear

come set me free"-Eru

Characteristics Edit

  • Male
  • Caucasian
  • Bearded on occassion, changes avatars frequently.
  • U.S. (Texan)
  • 21
  • Straight/demisexual
Rank #619, Level 30 after a year of membership (as of 11/9/2015)*    *Not fully active until November 2014

About Edit

  • Known to take screenshots of the feed and make compilations of them. Also known for reaction gifs and the most random and awesome status updates, earning him a lurker status.
  • 65% Weeaboo. 0.2% Feg. 100% Husbando material
  • Likes anime, manga, firearms, Russian-stuff, Swiss-stuff, things that go "boom!"
  • College student (in AR), Digital Cinema major, assistant electrician, guitar/bass player.
  • Loves classic rock and alt rock (especially The Who, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Bon Jovi, and Deff Leppard)
  • Speaks some Russian, German, Spanish, weeaboo, and polanball.
  • Unknown to many, his username is based on the God-figure of the JRR Tolkien universe (Eru-Iluvitar), as mentioned in the Silmarillion (which he was reading at the time)

MC Relationships Edit

  • Long time stalker of Katieuber-san and her affiliates, eventually joining them.
  • Best friends: Anonymoosen, noreen/writerice, fluffy
  • love interests (most recent): OH910
  • Good friends with TheImperialKnight, NetNinja, Slayer76751, MikeCRB, rcbscorner and many others.
  • Affiliations: The Circle of Lewd, ally of UMW, Feeders, HAlO Streamers
  • The outsider/distant cousin of the RP family that includes TheImperialKnight, Netninja, Slayer, 404NoUserName, katieubersan and others.
  • Pokemon master of the elusive "Lucy-mon" (katieubersan's fox-like pokemon form).
  • Defender of katieubersan, TheimperialKnight, writerice, and their friends at all times.
  • Stalker of Katiuber-san, TheImperialKnight, and their friends at all times.
  • Hater of Deku and most of the acid post (namely certain top users, anti-weebs and critics)

First feature: russian tank reaction gif.

First Meme: "The Last Feel-bender"

Other Aliases: Eru, Eruma, Ero, tater-chan, senor tater chan, tovarische, stalker

Other facts: multi-Console pleb, likes simul-arcade jet-fighting, sniper and some 3rd/FPS games. CS:GO, Ace Combat, Splatoon Brief:

Awesome user that posts hilarious profile update compilations. Due to being active with profile updates and posting dank memes that users like, they have almost 420+ followers.

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