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Gearboy Edit

Gearboy one of the best artist on MC to date! , His art creates a sense of amazment , with his cat girlfriend.

Ben vs Gearboy Edit

A long time ago in a far way land there was an admin that was PAID when almost NO-ONE was paid that artist was Gearboy. That artist got eventually greedy and wanted more than he was given mind you it was enough.The admins warned the artist that if he wanted to keep his privileges he had to work a little bit harder,at that moment the artist was angry and fueled by his greediness and anger he made a post to make his fans go apeshit at the admins ( of course the mighty admins made a counterpost( revealed Gearboys lies.The community and fans were outraged by him.He is still mocked to this very day for this event.

An earlier event Edit

An even earlier event that was brought to light,but silenced by the admins was tracing he was shamelessly tracing jaltoid and other artist admins banned everyone who made a regard about it and covered Gearboys tracks