300+ followers05:12

300+ followers

Age: Subtract the current year with 1999.

Gender: male

Sexuality: I like tits and dank memes so I'll go with straight but most likely gonna end up a virgin

So you see, I'm what you may call generic. I don't listen to no unique songs, my favorite show is whatever free cable can get me, and the food I eat consist of ramen, mac and cheese, and other under 30 minute meals. I haven't really brought that much OC to Memecenter like other users but I post the ghettoest and funniest stuff I can find from other parts of the internet.

I like to participate in community stuff with other users, I talk with Lonepotato way too much (but like his a god and a bro so why not). I did have a relationship with a user on the site but that ended due to lack of ways to reach each other with. I guess I would say I have a interest on users under 5 ft and with Sunny in their username.

I do have a tendency of leaving for some time and then returning, I don't have any reason for leaving I just take times off. I don't really think people care when I'm gone but it's just something I've noticed about myself.

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