A photo of her OC.

About ich-bin-ein-preusse

         "ich-bin-ein-preusse " is one of the many users in Meme Center. She's a thirteen-year-old German/Prussian introvert, but she's actually nice and cute.

          ich-bin-ein-preusse found Memecenter when she was only 11. It was recommended to her by her best gamer friend. At first, she started as a Grammar Nazi. She wanted to correct Meme Center user's errors. Some find her annoying, some find her not that annoying. She ignored all of these and continued to correct them. Then, she thought "Why not create Memes as well, eh?" And that is when (some) people started to like her.

         ich-bin-ein-preusse jokingly said, "I'm really glad that some people like me now. I used to be an annoying German/Prussian Grammar Nazi, but now, I actually make people laugh."

Users that ich-bin-ein-preusse knowsEdit

                    ich-bin-ein-preusse  has confirmed that she actually "likes" Raze . "Yes, I do like Raze. But that's because he's a great MC artist. It's not that I actually like like him, dummkopf." Didn't know that ich-bin-ein-preusse was a tsundere, did you?

(Edit: ich-bin-ein-preusse is now YANDERE for her Raze-senpai.)

                She also knows verification. According to her, verification is actually her cousin. Wow. We did not expect that, did we? But, as they say, expect the unexpected.

                Some of the other users that she know is ratedmadness. According to her, this dude is her best gamer friend's  elder brother. The siblings share that account, but mostly the elder one uses that account.

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