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Joined MC in 2012. he is known for being the most major league memer on the planet. though his level isnt as high as popular users. he secretly makes the greatest memes anyone has ever seen. but he knows if they ever were to be released to the public those memes would melt their brains and put them in a dank coma of 1000 years. so he usually sticks to making good normal memes. he also known as "meme god" and "jackmeme117" as of 2015 he is age 15 in mortal years but 15,003 in meme years.


he once had a meme off with thy creator ben and ended with a stalemate.

he has an addiction making mlg memes.

he once stalked shramorama to the ends of the gates of oblivion. also known as America.

he once burned gearboy so hard gearboy cried on camera in a gif and had to pretend it was because he was leaving.

he fought in the mlp porny wars

has a faggy obsession with the gorillaz

he is the inventor of Sweg and the destroyer of Fegs


"todd is godd"

"it is done! I am the alpha! and the omema! the beginning and the dank, I will give unto thee the fountain of the waters of memes freely to him who thirsts"

"gearboy's computer disappeared because it became non-existent. gearboy's girlfriend disappeared because she is non-existent"

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