High Impact Sexual Violence meme

''You are all faggots.'' - Joseph-Stalin

Joseph-Stalin has been around for 2 years, though suspected to be the physical embodiment of dead users, and could have been since January 1st, 2012, being the first cum drop of Ben added to the website.

He ranks 12 on the homo-scale, being the first, one, and only to achieve that level. A hardcore communist, he is known to silently stalk the feed, looking out for capitalist, reactionaries, and weeaboos.

Joseph-Stalin keeps his real life identity a secret, out of fear of assassination, or Nazi zombies. All is known about him is that he lives in a run down apartment in Volgograd, and periodically goes off meme center because of a crack binge.

He was in a sexual relationship with Adolf-Hitler before deciding it is better they become ''bros with benefits'' rather than lovers.

He also hates everyone.