Characteristics Edit

  • Female (Straight/Bi)
  • 18
  • Height: 5ft. 4in. (162cm)
  • Born in Wyoming, U.S. resident.
  • Real name: Lucia Marisa Taylor.
  • Tomboy in nature - Very masculine in a female sense.
  • Has an unquenchable lust driven sex drive when turned on.
  • Has many mood swings when certain subject are brought up from her past.
  • Has green eyes, Long brown hair, commonly worn in a ponytail, a little bustier then some girls her age.

Bio Edit

  • Born in Wyoming, Lucy has been a resident of the United States for her entire life. She Has once live in Spain and had a significant other there.
  • Also considered a "Cancer-Spawn" for her ability to create shitstorms where ever she shows up, even if it isnt entirely her fault.
  • Lucy had a rough childhood growing up, with the loss of her mother when she was in 5th grade, she went through many years of turmoil in her life. Currently she still battles depression and has difficulty when trying to make relationships because she can not relate well with other females in real life.
  • Along with the death of her Mother, Lucy is an only child with no other siblings, or cousins, being born on two only children, she and her Father are the last of her bloodline, making her the final Taylor, in the Taylor clan.
  • Known for being hyper because she openly admits having ADD, in which she openly says she takes medication for.
  • Currently resides in an unknown location in Wyoming, USA.
  • Lucy is a person who's trust is not easily earned, she closes herself off to the world at times when she feels down. When depressed, it is best to leave her alone due to the possibility of getting a negative reaction.

Relations and Affiliations Edit

  • Her Best Friend, whom she has grown up with since Pre-School is Sam also know as Mr.Mustachieo.
  • Great friends with theimperialknight, maniacal_chaos, Slayer, Netninja, Erumakerofarda1, Halotroll, Bex_Kurasai, and many more.
  • Currently Lucy is in a relationship with the user maniacal_chaos. Their daytime relations are speculated to revolve around pleasing each other in many ways... we mean sex..... lots of it...
  • The Circle of Lewd
  • Lucy's greatest enemy is Hatredammo. The cause of this bitter relationship goes back to when she was a very new user, and her sexual hunger was high, now however, they constantly bash thick skulls like a bickering couple on a long family trip.

Other Facts Edit

  • Lucy is a pro Airsofter and has several hobbies many would not expect from a woman.
  • Lucy has openly stated that although she fails to do so, she claims to try hard not spawning cancer where ever she goes, however she is successful at some points, and fails at others
  • On May 6th, 2015, Lucy was in a coma for five days after being struck by a drunk driver while pulling out of school, she was in a critical condition for 2 of the 5 days, and had a fractured skull, broken ribs, and a shattered eye socket. There was a 42% chance that she would not wake up due to the extent of the brain trauma, however, 5 days after the accident, she woke up. She describes the incident as "I saw the car coming, and then it hit me, a few minutes later, I woke up in a panic with a tube down my throat, which felt like I was deep throating a robot, and Sam was sitting asleep in a chair next to me."
  • Lucy has several carrier paths in mind for her future, the most prominent one is her unshakable courage to join the United States Marine Core, and serve for her country.
  • Lucy is known to be a very skilled Model Car and Tank artist, and is very intricate when coming to details. An example of this is Lucy's most recent Model Kit "Lucy's Blueberry Bastard" which can be viewed here: