"i either die or die trying"-koban333

KOBAN tips fedora - копия - копия

A S+ maymay maker on MC (or at least that's what quirks likes to think)

He occasionally makes feed spam and makes some memes on garry's mod

"i'm my own worst critic" he often hates on his own posts and wonders how do they even get featured

also he likes Stalker and Filthy Frank ALOT

He joined 2 years ago and was not a very active user until june 2015 when he got featured then got more active and started making more meymeys

Description Edit

Autistic russian feg.

Quotes Edit

"The only "normal people" are the people that you don't know well"

"Well... all asians look the same"

"First we need to follow ourselves before we follow others u_u"

"How can we know ourselves when we dont know to what we can or can not fap to u_u"

"goddammit my granma pissed on the toiled flor"

"how can someone without a dick miss so much piss... even when i'm shitfaced i miss less piss than her"

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