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The MemeCenter homepage as of 07/10/2015

Welcome to the Meme Center WikiEdit

The wiki is finding memes found through the Internet.

Make sure to go meme searching for new pages.


MemeCenter is a meme-centered website and virtual community founded on January 1st, 2012 and hosted in the United States. The site focus lies mainly in common repetition of popular images and memes, such as “rage comics” and "advice animals ", along with original content (OC) from various users and artists such as vlade, raze, gafcomics, photoshoper, hobo and much more. Over many years MemeCenter has be substantially increasing posts that were made by original artists. There even was a time when some artist were paid by the admins of the site for their work and original content (for example GearBoy)

Memecenter's Introducion Video: Edit

Introducing MemeCenter02:00

Introducing MemeCenter

Spread: Edit

MemeCenter allows its users to easily generate and share memes on the website through a variety of tools, allowing options for creating rage comics, demotivational posters and image macros, amongst others. On February 19th 2013, MemeCenter published a harlem shake video of their staff on their youtube channel:

Harlem Shake - Memecenter Staff Edition00:31

Harlem Shake - Memecenter Staff Edition


The userbase as of 07/10/2015

Trophies: Edit

Throughout their journey on the site, MC users have the possibility to achieve different tasks in order to earn trophies. The difficulty of the task changes from trophy to trophy. It can involves mysterious tags, various formalities or cultural references. Once the users earn it, the trophy can be exposed on theirs profiles. Up to now, about fifty trophies have been found by users but according to the admins, there is more to discover.


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