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Memecenter 5.11.13

The Memecenter homepage as of 5/11/13

Welcome to the Meme Center WikiEdit

The wiki is finding memes found through the Internet.

Make sure to go meme searching for new pages.

What is Memecenter?Edit

Memecenter is a site where people like me go when they're bored. I also like to edit wikis and make some things into bullshit. Why? Because I'm a gargantuan faggot that has nothing to do. I'm hungry, but there is no food in the fridge. Well... there are ingredients, but I don't feel like making anything. I haven't slept and I've jacked off 7 times today, so I don't feel like doing that anymore. So yeah... Uhh... I'd like to point out that Gaf is a cool guy, Vlade too and don't forget Sparky. On an unrelated note: Memebuilder is as broken as the mind of a rape-victim. If anyone see's this (which is most likely like 2 or 3 people). Memecenter is an awesome site.



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