To a libertine like me... there could be no better playground than this!

The real fun is just beginning ~(°ᗜ°~)ʱªʱªʱª

-mephisto_pheles in his profile description


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Mephisto's avatar as of 21/09/2015

mephisto_pheles or commonly called Mephisto is one of the MemeCenter users.

He posts a lot of eastern related content like anime, manga as well as everything else.

He's above the top 250 users in rank and grows fast including followers and haters.

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Mephisto's cover picture as of 21/09/2015

We do know that his goal is the top 100. Mephisto is known for getting a lot of personal messages,

both supportive and hateful, mostly hateful. He doesn't seem to be bothered by those and even started

his own personal message compilation.

In his first personal message compilation he posted a topless picture presumably taken of himself.

This made him even more infamous and since that time he's continuously asked/harassed for topless pictures.


Mephisto takes the role of an eastern animation's antagonist, Mephisto Pheles as it's seen.

He has dark purple hair and green eyes. He's also tall, having a height of 195 cm. His personality is shrouded in mystery. It is known he enjoys chaos. He frequently observes the growing conflict around others and himself.

He likes to make gambles, speak german and deeply interested in japanese pop culture.


Mephisto's real appearance is unclear since isn't likely to see showing his face. According to a picture believed to be taken of himself, he has a muscular and athletic build.


"Sure I am."

"Some people just want to watch the world burn."

"Don't get lost in words, my friend. Words are sharper than weapons at any point.

If you get lost among words, you could cut yourself."

"Forethinking is a good thing."

"Do it somewhere else. Not here, not now."