User EditEdit

  • Male (Haremlover)
  • 21
  • Greek origin , German resident
  • Real name Michael Johnson
  • Real life boxer, bodybuilder, athlete , does all kind of sports.
  • Hates one of his family members being included in something, and ugly religious jokes
  • has dark-blond hair and green eyes
  • is a pervert and likes messing up with users especially female ones
  • Likes arabic music, Hip hop, plays drums himself
  • is at college right now
  • Egoistic,arrogant,mean,aggresive and a douche
  • goes to Kickboxing tournaments and won the 3rd place

Bio EditEdit

  • As of 07/3/2015, rank 280 with 172001 EXP. Account was made in September 2012.
  • Born in Germany, is actually Greek but lived in an Orphange until a Japanese-American couple adopted him. Speaks English, german and greek fluently.
  • Do NOT make him mad. He has a very extreme anger management issues. And he always start fights IRL. he is an asshole too, but actually he is really kind, but rare to see that.
  • Known for spamming feed and posts with all different stuff, as well as being involved with roleplay in the feed.
  • Known by names: Mike, and most common,mikey, and MJ for short. Name is his real life name.
  • Lives with his wife and his son in a house in Frankfurt, Germany

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