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Myst The Martian Cat Edit

Basic Information: Edit

Gender: Unisex (mayonnaise).

Race: Martian Cat.

Appearance: Basically a two meters tall, purple khajiit. Yeah, that's it.

Country: Originates from Mars, but currently lives in Denmark.

Age: 537 (born 22nd of February, 1478).

Biography: Edit

Myst first came to Earth in 1532, to do various research on the creatures roaming the planet. It then proceeded to head back to Mars in 1536, after realizing that the intellegency level of most creatures were far below their requirement of attack. In 1598, Mars was attacked by the dogs from Jupiter, and slaughtered everything and everyone. Myst was the only survivor due to its immortality (check fact section below for more info), but it then went back to Earth in 1602, where it have been living for the past 413 years as of 2015.

Facts: Edit

Myst is the Chosen One (it is not yet known what Myst is chosen for), but due to its status of the Chosen One, Myst has been granted immortality, various magical abilities including, but not limited to, shapeshifting, teleportation, mind control and and different offensive abilites. Myst suffers from a severe trauma from watching his people die and is now "slightly insane".

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