Ootori 2.0

Bio Edit

  • originally a tri-user account, now used by the two formerly less active users, with the former primary user making her own account
  • "The one and only waifu you'll ever need (everyone's)
  • users: 1 male, 1 female
Level 17, Rank #5764 (as of 3/3/15)
Joined around 2/1/15, active since

About Edit

  • Name and profile pic (created by Erumakerofarda1) stem from the anime Sabagebu! and it's protagonist.
  • Enjoys Anime, yaoi, Sherlock, Smite, shooting firearms, listening to music, and watching funny videos on youtube.

Relationships Edit

  • Cannot be shipped. Loves all.
  • First friends include drisaacgrey, katieubersan, Erumakerofarda1, and has expanded to include many more.
  • Circle of Lewd: newest member
  • Occassionally participates in Feed Role play, in which katieubersan is a member of her shooting club. Lewd events often follow, which may include other online users.


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