"K den" Edit


Otrebot is an average user on memecenter. Edit

Who is also most of the time friendly and curious 

Not much to be said here... Edit

Most of his posts are about Cartoons and classic 16 bit classic video games.Back in his day,he was one of the many users who didnt have their account activated,so most of the time he posted status updates.Last month,he managed to activate it and started posting.

Friends Edit

Electivequill-Best friend

'Redondepremiere'-Also a best friend

Lemonhale-Most recent friend

Yamago94-Cool guy

'Bakoahmed'-Third high level user to ever follow him,Second high level user following him was rayyzo and first one to follow him was rakac


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his profile picture

Trivia Edit

  • Otrebot uses pictures of a cartoonish snake from a hiimdaisy webcomic called "Lets destroy the shagohod"
  • He also writes "K den" most of the time
  • Otrebot also likes Mac n cheese (unimportant)
  • He is also best friends with another user named Electivequill
  • He actually started out as a different account named "imbosnianlol" due to him being in Bosnia and Herzegovina.But he later changed it for unknown reasons
  • It actually took him one month to become a level 27 user.Although this might not be true...
  • Electivequill was the first and only follower he had until he renamed himself into otrebot
  • 638543 542f8a708a45a

    When otrebot was called "Imbosnianlol" this was his last profile picture before he renamed himself into "otrebot"

    Yes (no text)

    this is currently the most overused reaction pic he is using


    One of the many avatars otrebot posted on this site

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