PFArchangel Is known as the one that is three. Those three being: Host, Archangel, and Daemon.


Host (Real name Fox) is a poor sap that never seems able to get a break. He is possessed by Daemon and Archangel and will commonly correct anyone that calls them multiple personalities. He is also the lover of the artist Mew_Mew_Purr.


Archangel (Real name Zerael) is an archangel of heaven that chose to enter Host in order to free him from the possession of Daemon. So far its been about 7 years and he hasn't succeed.


Daemon (Real name Azmond) is a Demon prince of lust from the 2nd circle of hell. He was told by his dad to possess Host, much to Daemon's dismay, or else lose his access to the succubi. Currently he is either planning to corrupt Host or kill him. Whichever happens first.

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