pikadick is user that joined memecenter about a year ago(has at least one alt account)

He is usually seen hanging out with sayaka-muthafaka and is rumored to be her gay..i mean boyfriend(I've done my stalking he is not actually)

Another piss of critical information about him is that he is from mother Russia.He is 19 years old(his birthday is in April) and he makes dank memes infact he make so dank memes that he is rumored to be the alter account of potato san

He hates Mario because he stole his virginity and everything else he had

He also pissed himself and puked African children listing(listening btw) to this

He is 195cm tall and claims he got a big dick,he plays basketball and has three brothers and his favourite mive is LOTR .He has a two room apartment (living room and bathroom),50 rubels, a 1978 Toyota, and i completed a pokedex also works at a tea shop

He claims someone sensed him a box full of dildos in mail and that he would never order anything like that(LIES!)

the last piece if information of him is that he likes Rucka Rucka ali

current profile pic Edit

Profile pic
Allegedly pikadick

allegedly pikadick provided from sayaka-muthafaka Edit

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