Imperfection is Beauty, Madness is Genius and it is better to be

absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring- Anonymous

About Regalia123 Edit

Started out when his brother introduced him to MemeCenter. Regalia123 had made memes of which mostly

Black Rock Shooter

Regalia123's profile pic as of 01/03/17

consist of anime and random pictures on the internet. He made a few friends and got haters along the way. His current rank is #304 as of 01/03/17. Slowly, he gained some experience but claims that he needs more advice from some so called experts on the site.

He loves anime, music and MMORPG's.

He changes his profile pic from time to time but recently, he uses the picture of the protagonist from the anime "Black Rock Shooter".

He was inactive for sometime but was able to post memes in unpredictable time and day.

BRS All Stars

Regalia123's profile cover as of 01/03/17

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