"Clarinet player, artist, cashier. I post mostly Spongebob related memes. Fun at parties." - from the "About squidward_tentacles" section on his profile.

squidward_tentacles is a user that makes varied memes, usually revolving around the show Spongebob Squarepants, where the character his profile is based around originated. squidward_tentacles started going on memecenter in 2012, using a different account, but made his current account in mid 2016.

Personal Life Edit

squidward_tentacles lives in the state of Maine in the US. He was born on September 20, 2001, and is 16 years old as of October 2017. He is a junior in high school as of September 2017.

He has a history of emotional problems such as severe depression and anxiety. He also however is intelligent far beyond his age.

In 2012, "coincidentally" the same year he started using memecenter, he fell into a deep 5-year depression, causing him to gradually become sadder and more stressed until December 2017. He finally ceased to function normally in life, becoming extremely reclusive and rarely leaving his house, or even his room. In June 2017 he sought medical help, and began a regular dosage of anti-anxiety medicine. He claimed that the medicine and other treatments, as well as a break in his bad luck, caused his life to improve by 3300% in four months according to his own calculations "based on [unspecified to you] related numbers."

Memes Edit

squidward_tentacles divides his memes into categories to organize them.

Squidstrips Edit

Squidstrips are composed of at least three (sometimes more) screenshots of Spongebob Squarepants, along with a caption underneath that contains the joke, usually an out of context explanation of the screenshot.

Others Edit

These are random memes that squidward_tentacles makes. They can come in any form, usually in a picture or video format.

Trivia Edit

IQ Score Edit

squidward_tentacles has an IQ of 155, putting him in the "Genius" category.