Wait, why am I doing this again? I don't think anyone goes here to read about users.

- Holy Words from squidward_tentacles

About squidward_tentacles Edit

squidward_tentacles is a user that makes varied memes, usually revolving around the show Spongebob Squarepants, where the character his profile is based around originated. squidward_tentacles's profile states that he lives in "Bikini Bottom," but he has stated that he lives in the US state of Maine.

squidward_tentacles started going on memecenter in 2012, using a different account, but made his current account in mid 2016

squidward_tentacles made a google pagededicated to his memes.

squidward_tentacles usually divides the memes he makes into three catagories.

Squidstrips Edit

squidward_tentacles's flagship meme is composed of usually three (sometimes more) screenshots of Spongebob Squarepants, along with a caption underneath that contains the joke.

Comics Edit

As of Febuary 25th 2017 squidward_tentacles has only made 1 comic, but plans on making more.

Others Edit

These are random memes that squidward_tentacles makes when not making Squidstrips. They can come in any form, usually in a picture or video format.

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