Profile pic in use at 1-03-2015

the_big_bad_bear is a spammer, OC-poster and reposter who joined memecenter around mid-august 2013.

Overall Edit

his original account was pinkieswear and his first posts were a post about how he couldn't get any ideas for a good first post followed by some my little pony related posts. after this he took a new path starting to make posts almost entirely focused on reaction gifs based around the moe-anime "K-on!". DUring this period he got to know the glory and power of the feed spam. After a while the K-on! posts stopped though and he switched to bunnies and then those were followed by just a bunch of random shit. around this time he got depressed which ended up getting him banned after starting a fucking huge shitsorm (of which he's still proud).

his second account was called pinkiestalker. The depression was still going on causing him not to have any motivation at all to put effort in his posts so he only spammed 99% of the time. This account didn't last very long and eventually got banned again after he started a big shitstorm.

his newest account the_big_bad_bear is his biggest and most popular account yet even though it's got the shortest existence of them all (330 followers, 85162EXP, level 31 and #528) it's mostly focus on feed chat and reposts with OC when he really feels like it

Biography Edit

He's a 17 years old boy who lives in the agricultural region of Flanders near the border with France. It's his dream and goal to join the Belgian army either in the medical corps or as an officer. Metal and Rock are his favorite music genres though he can enjoy almost anything. He's got a strong sense of duty but at the same time can be very lazy which often gets him into trouble. As mentioned in a post on his first account he loves "anything cute, tasty or brutal". Almost all of his profile pics he ever used are from animes even though he actually barely watched any anime. He is emotionally very unstable and can get from almost emotionless to extremely happy, infuriated or depressed for no reason at all. And his best friends on the site are ninjainpyjama, trutyfruty, alex.zemouche and oystein.

Also, he's really bad at writing and often forgets capital letters...

Some more random information Edit

his favorite things to joke about is anything you aren't supposed to joke about

he likes hugs, it helps him calm down so give him some lovin'

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