Vlade is Currently the rank 1 user on meme center, with the highest level (51) and the highest amount of followers (currently 47923). He is 23, comes from Poland and joined meme center at around 2012. ( can't give the exact date because meme center won't tell me... Ben...) He is part of the artistic side of meme center, and draws some of his posts in an anime/superhero comic strip style, for example his characters hair style somewhat resembles the hair styles you might see in Yu-Gi-Oh or other manga and anime. From what he reveals about himself we can gather that he is the quiet/socially awkward type that we can always relate to. He showed us this through some humorous comics where he says that he would rather run through hell and back than walk through a crowded high school corridor in which people come up and try to talk to him.

Vlade's content consists of many themed posts from Tumblr, favorites being series such as "attack on tumblr" or Disney Tumblr, in which he collects various funny or just amazing posts from the blogging website relating to the theme. He has also created content in a similar way with fan favourite series, like "idiots online" and "classic burns". "Idiots online" is collections of comments, tweets and conversations from the more simpler minded denizens of planet earth, *sighs*. Classic burns is collections of the insults and "burns" found on various social networks and texts that make us be thankful we weren't on the receiving end of the burn. Vlade also makes miscellaneous comics about his cat, Happy; named after Natsu's cat from Fairy Tail, and other topics such as gaming. Probably his most popular posts are his "faith in humanity", where he compiles true stories, events and good deeds done by people, in an effort to bring back our "faith in humanity". I might be wrong, but I believe the first one of these posts was in dedication to a friend who committed suicide.

Vlade has made a lot of people happy throughout his time on the website which is ironically sad since he suffers from depression which can mean he won't be able to upload for varying lengths of time. However, this does not stop him from going far beyond his call of duty and uploads as much as he can when the depression passes showing admirable stoicism.

Vlade has been giving us great content for two years running and doesn't show signs of stopping. He is always gathering more popularity, at the same time contributing to the growing meme center by enticing new users to the website that we love.

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