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General information Edit

Xoid a lot can be said about this user.He is usually called the voice of truth,he joined memecenter about a year ago and starts shitstorms with almost every post he makes it's still unclear if it's unintentional or not,but one things for sure.He is consider on of the best users the site has to offer.

physical interaction with other users Edit

Through his physical interaction with other users he seems to be open to suggestion and friendly toward other users while not seen using emojis and smiley faces like most users and that's one of the reason he is consider so good he can both be nice and unleash hell to a certain group of people that he bashes on

content Edit

xoid most of the time bashes on an individual or a group of individuals for a said reason. Namely some of the individual he bashes on the most are bronies referring to them as immature person that watch a kid show aimed at little girls,but also there is a completely different side than that a side of humanity and love.A side that also shows another reason he is great xoid is often seen posting emotional and strong messaged post that many times give hope and other time advises to people about life

early content Edit

the very first early content of his was a serious called welcome to_______;)Which summarized a page and it majority of users perfectly.the series didn't last long,but was the first step towards a xoid that was a source of infinite truth he is today