"My love for Vees is up to the point I deleted all my porn in my PC. All 5 TB of it."


Asian mustard race

Changes avatar frequently



Rank #441, Level 32 with 103239 / 120334 EXP after 2 years and 9 months of membership (as of 2/28/2015)

A user who is/was known to be the God of Kawaii(self-proclamation), Queen of Lewdness(by Khalid511), and High School DxD expert. First ever senpai is Darkwerewolf. First follower is Ivol67. First female follower is Shramorama. Went on two long MemeCenter breaks already(6 months, 3 months).



Known for their lewdness, Team BEDUM was formed with the idea of being the lewdest users on MemeCenter.

Spammer Trio

Spammers known to be annoying. Was not there when the other 2 members insulted other users, which resulted in anger to said to members by BellyButtocks and Bloatarder.

Feed Chat for Memecentrians

Created the group on Facebook, has proved to be successful.

MC Relationships:

In a relationship with Vees as of 3/29/15

First feature:[1]Students Nowadays >.<(Source: Tumblr(I Was Looking For Yaoi ._.) featured 9 months ago.

First Meme: "Well F*ck" added 2 years ago

Other Aliases: Zeph, fag, cocksucking autistic faggot(by Velen.Reclance), senpai(numerous users), kouhai.

Other facts: Enjoys death and destruction as much as he likes pie. Loves Vees more than more.