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znoflat there is a lot to say about this user.He is an artist that came into memecenter about three years ago and shocked the community with his content and was one of the reasons artist became so popular among the users of MC.He is Swedish and mostly uses his home language for his titles,but fortunately the title is still somewhat readable by the non Swedish speakers as well.

content Edit

The most important thing to say is about the content he posts,there is a lot to say about it quite frankly disturbing,discussting but on top of all always funny.There always has been a fair amount of things like weirdness,gore sometimes and even subtle racism.The series it self inspired presumably the artist 1gga in his creation.

Newer content Edit

Since znoflat considered his earlier art shitty,he remade almost every post.Improving the drawing style and making his comics less shitty by his standard,also he made some newer comics that turned out even more shall i say znoflats like.

Tapastic Edit

A website you may be familiar with, called Tapastic (where he is also uploading another comic of his called Gus n' Al), has let him put up my his support page for people who want to donate and help him out with his comic making. For less than the price of a cup of coffee each month, you can help him make comics :)

There are perks for those who donate like: - Supporter-only content -He will mention you below his comics -You will always have your own special place in his heart

Also there are milestones one can reach which will be him doing stuff for you personally, like drawing you a portrait or a requested comic :3

I think you have to be a member of Tapastic to be able to become a supporter though, but you are able to sign in with your facebook so how hard can that be right? Check out my page here and consider becoming a supporter :) You guys are the best! <3

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